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Welcome! My name is Terry Yeates, the creator of the brand name, 'Yeates Natural Products'. I am the sole owner of Essential Scents Natural Perfume, an Irish business based in the heart of Ireland. The idea for the business came about when my wife was recovering from cancer. She was advised by her Oncologist to be very careful of using any beauty products on her skin as many contained hormones and other synthetic compounds that might put her at risk.

With research, she discovered that the problem with conventional Skin Cream, is that you don't know what's in them and what effect they can have on your body. For example, the complex mixture of hundreds of synthetic chemicals contained in mainstream Skin Creams.

I decided to make a natural Skin-cream that she could use. After a lot of research, help and advice from a cosmetic Chemist and manufacturer of natural products, I developed Yeates Natural Skincare Products.

I hope you enjoy my products and I look forward to launching some more very soon.

If you want to know what's in the bottle, go natural!

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