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YEATES BEARD OIL 50ml 10.00.euro. vat/inc,

EUR 10.00


This is a  unique fragrance, blended with the finest essential oils, Rose Absolute Oil, , Patchouli Oil , , Bergamot Oil, Frankincense Oil, 

A Beard Oil ideal for everyday use, the  deodorising scent being compatible with most aftershaves.

Beard Oil provides natural antiseptic protection (perfect for stopping infection after the odd shaving nick), whilst also providing antibacterial and fungal properties to keep your skin healthy and dandruff free.

Beard Oil is rich in Argan, naturally abundent in Saponins to soften the hair cuticle with natural gloss and our very own unique Omega Oil to tame the fizz, moisturise the hair shaft and provide natural gloss and shine without greasiness. As with all our Beard Oils we finish the Beard Oil with lots of Vitamin E to provide all day anti-Oxidant protection (always check a beard oil contains Vitamin E, if they don't they are likely to smell rancid by the afternoon!).


All Skin types, All Whisker types and all whisker colours from short to long.


Apply 4-6 drops on the palm of your hands and then massage into your beard. For best results apply morning and night.


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