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HEMP OIL Cannabis Sativa

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Hemp Carrier Oil did you know Hemp is clinically proven to alleviate dry skin?

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is the highest oil in essential fatty acids: 75-80% total EFAs. It is amazingly rich in Omega 3 oils with the benefits related to them



Filled with essential nutrients, hemp seed oil is natures richest source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which are known for their excellent emollient and lubricating properties.


PUFAs increase the moisture retention of our skin, keeping it soft and supple and our hair healthy and strong.


Trapping this moisture strengthens our skin and hair - enhancing our natural defenses against pollution, sun, dry air and excessive use of soaps, gels and other detergents.


The essential fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil have been clinically proven to alleviate or remedy dry skin, minor skin abrasions, acne, eczema and psoriasis.


Hemp seed oil has a high content of Vitamin E compound, a natural anti-oxidant that traps excess free radicals which can injure, age degenerate and kill our cells and tissues. The oil itself can also compensate for the lower ceramide levels associated with aging and metabolic slowdown. It is the lowering of these ceramide levels that contribute to the formation or wrinkles and overall skin aging.


Botanical Name

Cannabis Sativa


Extraction Method

Cold Pressed / Unrefined


Country of Origin



Shelf Life

14-16 months


Oil Specification

Color - Clear with slight yellow tint

Odor - Characteristic/Flat

Free Fatty Acids - 0.3%

Peroxide Value - 0.00

Non-Saponifiables - 0.5%

Saponification Value - 192

Iodine Value - 86.37

Specific Gravity - 0.913

pH - 4.09


Fatty Acids

Palmitic acid - 6.50%

Margaric acid - 0.03%

Stearic acid - 2.50%

Arachidic acid - 0.40%

Behenic acid - 0.20%

Lignoceric - 0.06%


Natural Contents

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, proteins and minerals



Super skin nourishing oil, combine with Jojoba, Buckthorn and Almond... overall body nourishment. Hemp is also fantastic to use on male skin, in facial and body-care products.


Grapeseed Oil



None recorded and as with all carrier oils (except St Johns Wort), safe to use during pregnancy. As with all nut based carrier oils, always use with caution on people with nut allergies.


Latin Name:Cannabis sativa

Country of Origin:irl

Extraction Method:Cold Pressed

Colour:Dark Brown

Odour:Green & Wheat

Vitamins:A, B1, B2, B6, C, E

Fatty Acids:oleic 81.7%, Palmitic 51.3%, Linoleic 10.1%, Stearic 2.2%

Common Use:Nourishing skin use

Shelf Life:24 - 30 Months

Skin Suitability:Under nourished skin

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